RASAMEMAKSAMENGETAHUI: The Octo-Paul Has Spoken. Germany vs. Spain Prediction.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Octo-Paul Has Spoken. Germany vs. Spain Prediction.

There were a few fakes Paul prediction on Germany vs. Spain game on the internet over the past few days where Paul was seen to have chosen the Spain but the picture was actually a photoshopped version. It is really a coincidence having the real Paul choosing Spain too this time. The German news channel n-tv actually broadcasted its Germany-Spain prediction live, even having two reporters commentating on it. This guy is getting real famous now since its past few fairly accurate predictions.

Paul has received death threats from the furious Argentineans who have threaten to kill the octopus and put it on the paella. The newspaper El Dia gave this recipe for anyone daring to capture Paul: "All you need is four normal potatoes, olive oil for taste and a little pepper." Argentinean chef Nicolas Bedorrou has suggested on Facebook a far more simplistic and brutal way to cook the octopus. "We will chase him and put him on some paper. We will then beat him (but correctly!) in order to keep the meat tender and then put it in boiling water."

In all his years of making predictions, the only one Paul has ever got wrong (unbelievable, huh?) was the Spain vs. Germany final at Euro 2008. The octopus probably has a problem when it comes to Germany and Spain because their flags both have the color yellow and red so the octopus might be somehow colorblind.

We shall see for ourselves in two days’ time if Spain will beat Germany accordingly to the prediction or if Germany will write its own course of future.
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