Tuesday, November 8, 2011

There are five things you can avoid the love that does not happen in pressure between the HUSBAND AND WIFE

No doubt, when sex can also put pressure on the face of disagreement. While the right bite your tongue, much less his wife. However, there are several things you can avoid the pressure of love that does not happen, namely:

1. Do not be too serious in a relationship
Attitudes that are too serious, not flexible and can be very stressful too controlling. Relax and try to enjoy every moment with the more meaningful.
2. Avoid feelings of your partner is too controlling
This can lead to boredom and conflict. Trust between each other to be the basis for communication.
3. Do not place your happiness in the hands of your spouse solely
According to Abraham Lincoln, happiness is the way a person is thinking. Mistakes can add individual weaknesses. But, if individuals think positive, life would be happier and happier.
4. Do not expect the couple meet all the dreams and desires
Your spouse is not responsible for your happiness guarantee. But for couples who are happy, they are willing to share everything and are not forced to live their dreams.
5. Do not the latent feeling
Some couples try to avoid to discuss the conflict at hand. This failure will complicate the situation and there may be those who are not satisfied until he was cured.


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